We have collected a selection of the most exclusive champagnes from the famous district in France, which is the only place in the world that can call their product champagne.

Each champagne has some unique characteristics and flavors that are worth experiencing, enjoyed as they are or with a suitable snack. Read more about champagne here

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Champagne is one of the world's best-known wines, despite the fact that it is only produced in a small region in northern France. The only place in the world this special sparkling wine can be called champagne.

The champagne's signature is the bubbles, and the very special taste comes from the treatment of the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes with several processes, where each winegrower has his own secret recipe for how their wine turns into the perfect champagne.

Despite the fact that the big wineries have their large productions of tasty bubbles, there are many smaller wineries that, in terms of taste, can easily deliver just as good champagne, at a significantly lower price.

Champagne's popularity

Champagne has been produced since the Middle Ages, then in a very sweet version. It was only when the current process was introduced, with less sweetness, that champagne really became popular in France, and even more so when it was exported to London, where it became a symbol of decadence and style among the upper classes.

Today, champagne is still associated with class and style, but several producers have been able to make versions of their special product at prices that are worth paying. New Year's Eve and weddings are the two big events where it is almost unthinkable not to have a few bottles of the fizzy bubbles on the table.

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