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Ready-mixed drinks

Exclusive selection of bottled cocktails

We have developed a series of pre-mixed drinks and bottled cocktails that you can have delivered to your door. KesterThomas is an exclusive champagne and cocktail bar in Copenhagen, where we have taken our best drinks on the menu and bottled them. We use our best rum, cognac, gin and apple brandy – which gives the classic cocktails such as Appletini, Negroni and Boulevardier.

A ready-mixed cocktail is delivered in a bottle and simply needs to be poured into your favorite cocktail glass with ice – ready to serve. The term “RTD cocktail” or “bottled cocktail” is here to stay – that’s why you will find that we regularly come up with new ready-mixed drinks. Buy your cocktail in a bottle from us – and get a taste experience that POLITIKEN has given 6-hearts.

Ready-mixed drinks

Cocktails are one of the most innovative disciplines within the bar world, because we are all different and can come up with mixing things that are not normally mixed.

Every bartender has tried to create their own cocktail, but when it comes down to it, most want the known and tried cocktails that they can relate to special experiences, movies or moments, so that the dream of a certain moment is remembered for a while, quickly drowned out by the rest of the company who just want to party.

Festive cocktails can kick off boring parties, while there are no boring cocktails for festive parties. You easily end up with a dilemma as to how many of the different cocktails you can manage to enjoy without the party continuing without you. Therefore, most people find a few that are particularly good and stick to them.

The ready-mixed cocktails eliminate the need for the bartender, and are especially good for private parties, where at some point the mixing ratio can easily get out of order, so that the taste is not as desired. Here you are sure that every glass tastes exactly as it should.